Video: NY Times calls attention to ocean trash on Alaska's 'pristine' beaches

AnchorageAugust 15, 2013 

Anchorage Daily News photo editor Anne Raup participated in and wrote this summer about the Gyre project, a collaboration between the Anchorage Museum and Alaska SeaLife Center exploring the impact of marine debris on a small piece of Alaska's 6,640-mile coastline. In another follow-up report from the project, The New York Times interviews Carl Safina, an ecologist, and artist Mark Dion about their motivations in joining the project. Says Safina: "We went to a place that most people think is remote and very natural,  and this word 'pristine' that you keep hearing. And we went to show that even in a place that is as distant from where most people live, a lot of our plastic garbage winds up there. There isn't any 'away.' We think that we throw things away, but a lot of what we throw away gets back into the rest of the world."

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