No 'Frozen Ground' for Anchorage?

Posted on August 16, 2013 

Actor, filmmaker and dependable authority on all things movie Ron Holmstrom tells me that "The Frozen Ground," starring Nicholas Cage and shot in Anchorage, won't be screened at Anchorage theater chains.

"I spoke with both Lions Gate, the theatrical distributor and Grindstone, the (video) distributor who assured me that because of the (video) release, the big cinema chains refused to do a wide-release," he wrote.
But movie lovers can jump in their cars and drive to Wasilla to see the big picture about the infamous "Butcher/Baker" murders.
"I also spoke with Kim Neufield at Coming Attractions Theatres, Inc., which is the smaller chain serving the Pacific Northwest," Holmstrom said. "They own Valley Cinema and are ecstatic that they will be the only house with the film in Alaska. This will certainly be the biggest payday EVER for that house."
Ron says the film will open on Aug. 23, but only in 10 major markets in the lower 48. That's not including any smaller markets - like Wasilla.
Sad, maybe, but no surprise. This is, after all, exactly what Anchorage movie goers are voting for with their dollars. If instead of mailing their money to Hollywood to see one lame movie after another people would, oh, I don't know, make popcorn at home and read a book to their kids, then we might expect theater owners would try to lure them back with films like "Frozen Ground," which received fairly good reviews when it opened last month in England. 
That's my opinion, not from Holmstrom, who keeps Alaskans informed with televised local entertainment updates that can be accessed at

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