Letter: Some still cling to blind belief

August 16, 2013 

Recent letters have pointed out one of the many inconsistencies found in the Bible. Which is to be expected of a disparate collection of writings by many different authors over thousands of years: the homophobia of the Old Testament, among a people living in the pre-scientific era, as well as that of “Saint” Paul many centuries later, juxtaposed to Jesus’ recommendation that we treat everyone as fellow members of the human community.

The Anchorage Baptist Temple’s banishment of the Boy Scouts from their premises only shows how slavish clinging to ancient superstitions promulgated by a semi-literate, pre-scientific and severely xenophobic priesthood continues the millennium-long onslaught of blind belief against the progress represented by rational intelligence. In the words of the historian Barbara Tuchman, “the march of folly.”

— Larry Ctibor



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