Anchorage angler wins Seward Silver Salmon Derby

AnchorageAugust 18, 2013 

Rich Taro of Anchorage claimed $10,000 Sunday for catching one of the biggest fish in the 58-year history of the Seward Silver Salmon Derby.

Taro hooked a 21.25-pound coho on Saturday, the penultimate day of the popular nine-day derby.

Only seven fish have topped the 20-pound mark over the years, and only two top Rich's catch. Shirley Baysinger set the derby record with her 22.24-pound silver in 2002, the same year Albert Verrall hooked a 21.31-pounder that ranks as the second-biggest in history.

Taro caught the winner while fishing in Thumb Cove. Five minutes after he brought it to the derby booth, Ferrin Therin of Anchorage showed up with the second-place fish, a 17.65-pounder that paid $5,000.

Daniel Dixon of Anchorage earned $2,500 for third place, Don Childs of Wasilla took home $1,000 for fourth place and Steve Anderson of Anchorage won $750 for fifth place.


58th annual Seward Silver Salmon Derby

Top 15

Three of the top six finishers hooked their fish Saturday, the second-to-last day of competition

Name, weight

1) Rich Taro, Anchorage 21.25

2) Ferrin Therin, Anchorage 17.65

3) Daniel Dixon, Anchorage 17.34

4) Don Childs, Wasilla 17.13

5) Steve Anderson, Anchorage 16.92

6) Kenton Steele, Anchorage 16.77

7) Paul Paquette, Seward 1675

8) Richard Jensen, Palmer 16.67

9) Renee James, Wasilla 16.45

10) Ken Pultier, Palmer 16.34

11) Joe Lima, Anchorage 16.34

12) Laura Wilson, Girdwood 16.19

13) Nick Hunter, Anchorage 16.05

14) Charles Crocket, Lincoln, Neb. 16.03

15) James Unrein, Seward 15.95

All-time bests

1994 and 2002 were banner years for derby anglers -- of the 16 biggest catches on record, five are from 1992 and three are from 2002.

Year Name Weight

2002 Shirley Baysinger 22.24

2002 Albert Verrall 21.31 (2nd place)

2013 Rich Taro 21.25

1994 John Westlund 20.59

1994 Randy Richmond 20.44 (2nd place)

2000 Bill Bixby 20.14

1994 William Redmond 20.01 (3rd place)

1994 Peter Nicely 19.99 (4th place)

2004 Renee James 19.79

2002 Neil Hermon 19.56 (3rd place)

1994 Theo Donhof 19.41 (5th place)

2011 Phillip Lazenby 19.15

1992 Bill Bixby 19.14

1986 Doug Popwell II 19.10

1968 Scott McEntire 19.08

1985 Jerry Bixby 19.01


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