#AKfood: Keep calm and kale on

Posted by Julia O'Malley on August 20, 2013 



Twice last week someone anonymously dropped a bag of garden-fresh kale on my porch. This is how I know that it is high garden harvest time. We are swimming in kale. And zucchini. And there are peppers and artichokes at the farmer's markets.

I made kale chips and buckets of kale caesar salad. I wish I'd seen this rainy-day perfect recipe from Megan Ancheta at Allergy Free Alaska for a white cioppino with kale

For those with garden zucchini overload and those that could not resist the toddler-sized zucchini at the farmer's market, Alaska From Scratch's Maya Evoy has some ideas, including here own baked zucchini fries and a collection of zucchini recipes from around the web (Zucchini brownies? Yes, please.). 

Berry-picking season appears to be cresting and food writers have been getting their jam on. Kim Sunée, writing for Alaska Dispatch, was making some no-cook blueberry freezer jam with lemon verbena. Nicole Pearce at Arctic Garden Studio has a recipe for rhubarb-ginger jam.

Speaking of berries, kale and zucchs, cooks proud of their local food recipes might want to consider the Local Harvest Dish Competition, which is part of Local Harvest Feast on August 28. 

And finally, for the first day of school, some the local blogosphere offers lunch box inspiration, both for traditional lunches and lunches for kids with allergies.


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