Cameras will monitor vehicles in avalanche zones near Juneau

Associated PressAugust 21, 2013 

In this photo taken Monday, Jan. 2, 2012, an avalanche descends down Snow Gulch Creek along Thane Road during avalanche control by the Department of Transportation in Juneau, Alaska. Several large dust clouds reached road level during the firing of about 24 105mm howitzer shells. (AP Photo/The Juneau Empire, Michael Penn)


JUNEAU -- State transportation officials are taking steps to monitor avalanche zones affecting a road in Juneau.

The Juneau Empire ( reports the Alaska Department of Transportation has begun installing avalanche cameras that will monitor traffic south of downtown Juneau on the road that leads to Thane.

Regional maintenance superintendent Greg Patz says video will be reviewed after avalanches to determine whether cars or pedestrians entered the avalanche zone and didn't come out.

Southeast Region director Al Clough said says cameras will be ready to operate this winter. Equipment and installation will cost $650,000.

Clough says the agency next year will install gates on Thane Road to stop traffic during periods of avalanche danger. The gates will operate like railroad crossing barriers.


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