Letter: Setting the record straight on installation of artificial turf

August 23, 2013 

In reading Robert Baker’s letter of Aug. 22 (“Why are schools installing turf with Outside workers?”), it’s obvious that there is confusion regarding the artificial turfs at several high schools. The $10 million did not come from the operating budget, for which the School Board has oversight, and therefore has no impact on teacher salaries. The money comes from legislative capital grants. The board has no jurisdiction over these requests. The request that the board did authorize the superintendent to make was for safety and security improvements. We are appreciative of the legislative funding we did receive, which is currently being used to make our schools even safer.

In regard to the artificial turf fields at West, Romig and East, they are being constructed by Roger Hickel Contracting, a fine Alaska contractor. The turf manufacturer requires that the turf itself be installed by a non-Alaska company. That subcontractor does utilize non-Alaska labor. The rest of the construction , which makes up the majority of the work on this project, is being done by Roger Hickel Contracting.

— Tam Agosti-Gisler


Anchorage School Board


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