Alaska sports digest for Thursday, Aug. 29

sports@adn.comAugust 29, 2013 

De Yong to coach at UAA

Nicole De Yong, a former ski racer for East High and UAA, is returning to Anchorage to be an assistant coach at UAA.

De Yong will work with nordic skiers at UAA, where she spent four seasons on the ski team and three on the cross country running team before graduating in 2008. She comes to UAA from the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation in Ketchum, Idaho, where she has been a coach.

Dimond tops West

The Cook Inlet Conference gymnastics season commenced Thursday with a dual meet between Dimond and West at Dimond High.

The Lynx prevailed with 139.1 points to West's 59.1, despite the Eagles getting a top all-around performance from Jenny Sheasley. Sheasley won the bars, beam and floor events, and Cali Ferman notched Dimond's only individual victory in the vault.

Dimond 139.1, West 59.1

Vault -- 1) Cali Ferman, Dimond, 7.75; 2) Jenny Sheasley, West, 7.6; 3) Maddy Guild, Dimond, 7.35; 4) Stephanie Lahn, West, 7.2; 5) Cara Frischkorn, Dimond, 7.15.

Bars -- 1) Jenny Sheasley, West, 6.4; 2) Cali Ferman, Dimond, 4.5; 3) Stephanie Lahn, West, 4.4; 4) Maddy Guild, Dimond, 3.8; 5) Larissa Lantow, Dimond, 3.4.

Beam -- 1) Jenny Sheasley, West, 7.3; 2) Maddy Guild, Dimond, 6.05; 3) Larissa Lantow, Dimond, 5.3; 4) Brittanie Peters, Dimond, 5.25; 5) Hannah Peterson, Dimond, 5.0.

Floor -- 1) Jenny Sheasley, West, 8.0; 2) Danielle Youngberg, Dimond, 6.7; 3) Cali Ferman, Dimond, 6.6; 4) Brittanie Peters, Dimond, 5.85; 5) Maddy Guild, Dimond, 5.75.

All Around -- Jenny Sheasley, West, 29.3; 2) Maddy Guild, Dimond, 22.95; 3) Larissa Lantow, Dimond, 20.1.

Flagstad, Smith score wins

Lindsey Flagstad and Cory Smith found the optimal paths to post the highest scores in a Wednesday orienteering meet that ranked participants by scores rather than times.

Everyone had 45 minutes to pick from 42 control points, each with a different point value, set up on the UAA campus. Flagstad scored 900 points to top the women's division and Smith led the men with 1,250.

Arctic Orienteering Club

Scoring meet at UAA

Women -- 1) Lindsey Flagstad, 900; 2) Ellyn Brown, 850; 3) Shelly Laws, 680; 4) Dela Grey, 610; 5) Karen Bronga, 530; 6) Joyce Goodall, 510; 7) Ariel Hippe, 390 and Giselle Bergeron, 390;

Men -- 1) Cory Smith, 1250; 2) Andrew Lee, 1190; 3) Trond Jensen, 1010; 4) Dan Billman, 950; Brian Durell, 950 and Beat Imhof, 950; 7) Eric Follett, 840; 8) Matthew Hansen, 780; 9) Daniel Baird, 720; 10) Dwight Iverson, 440; 11) Chris Tomsen, 130;

Team -- 1) Bill and David Spencer, 1090; 2) Darren Hull, Austin Johnson, Jason Parks, Joseph Lawrence, and Austin Johnson, 840; 3) Art and Andrew Harmon, 660; 4) Brittney Hippe and Sara Marie Chan, 630; 5) A. DeKreon and C. Gearhart-DeKreon, 580; 6) Jen Jolliff, Ian and Springer Moore, 500; 7) Tristyn Cunningham and Toni Fürer, 370; 8) Linda, Hatcher, and Talia Smith and Trond, Vebjörn, Aksel and Niva Flagstad, 210; 9) Diane Hirshberg and Lexi Hill, 200;


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