Letter: Bill Walker is running to make sure we get control of our future

September 9, 2013 

Some are wondering why Bill Walker is running for governor as an independent. 

As a lifelong Alaskan who’s known Bill 25 years, I assure you it’s not to advance his political career; he already owns an Anchorage law firm focusing on oil and gas issues. 

He’s running as an independent in order to ensure Alaska regains control of its natural resources and its future without bowing to pressure from party or special interests. 

Bill will assemble the very best team of Alaskans chosen for their expertise and dedication to resolve Alaska’s issues without regard to party affiliation.

Also, some claim Bill’s a “single issue” candidate, that he’s only concerned with getting Alaska a gas line. Not true. Jobs for Alaskans, education, competent fisheries management, tourism, agriculture, the environment, and veterans needs are just a handful of the issues Bill Walker cares deeply about. 

Please visit www.billwalkerforgovernor.com.

There you will learn so much more about this impressive candidate. 

The time is now Alaska. It’s time to elect Bill Walker as our next governor.

— Martha Mills Rapuzzi



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