Letter: What being God really means

September 9, 2013 

Why is it that, when a Christian refers to  Scripture in the Bible which denotes, in both Old and New Testament, that homosexuality is sinful behavior (just as adultery is sinful behavior, just as murder is sinful behavior, just as … well, you get the picture) that individual is immediately deomonized by those in opposition to God’s Word as  intolerant, or bigoted or “homophobic”…?

It might be worth pointing out that, just because someone believes in the absolute moral authority of the one, true God does not make them “afraid” of homosexuality, any more than not wanting to stick a fork into an electrical outlet makes them “electrophobic.” It just means that they understand some of the most basic rules of their faith, as well as the consequences of disobedience; and they choose not to argue with God. Being God, after all, means not having to give up your authority to ever-shifting human perceptions of social justice. It means, “Because I said so.”

— Paul Wallis



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