Letter: How can we keep pot from youngsters, within a budget?

September 11, 2013 

I’m at a loss as to how enabling people to get high more easily has been framed as a noble cause. Just what we need: more second-hand smoke, more loss of self-control, more paranoia, more impaired driving, more wasted lives.

Congress has decided that marijuana is a dangerous drug yet it’s okaying its use. Brilliant. How exactly would pot be prevented from being resold to minors or from covertly crossing state lines, indirectly supporting criminal enterprises, or discreetly permeating military bases?

Because our criminal justice system is overloaded, we’re supposed to slash any consequences to poor choices, the same logic that’s brought us plea bargains. But it’s okay to completely tie up our federal government and cost taxpayers a fortune to unravel the mess all this is creating?

Our society often jumps on board things to its own detriment and marijuana legalization is no exception. Is encouraging more drug use really what people want their lives to amount to? Is that a legacy any rational person would be proud to pass on to succeeding generations? 

— Victoria Walsh



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