Parts of Eklutna Lake trail under water, closed to ATVs

Anchorage Daily News / adn.comSeptember 13, 2013 

Parts of the Eklutna lakeside trail are under water or have been damaged by unusually high water in the fall of 2013.


The lakeside trail on the north end of Eklutna Lake has been closed to ATVs because of significant flooding, the state Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation said Friday.

It's open to foot traffic, "but park users must be prepared to contend with very flooded conditions," Chugach State Park superintendent Tom Harrison said in an email accompanied by a photo showing trees along the lake underwater.

"Exceptionally high water has flooded sections of the main trail and lower loop sections, resulting in significant erosion damage," Chugach State Park superintendent Tom Harrison said in an email.

"Currently, rising water approaches up to two feet deep in portions of the first third-of-mile of the trail and it exceeds three feet at approximately Mile 8 of the main trail," the agency said.


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