Letter: Fund programs to educate teens about abstinence, not condoms

AnchorageSeptember 15, 2013 

O’Malley: “State sex humor makes me cringe, but maybe it’ll work:” While I don’t cringe at the discussion at hand I do cringe at the bigger picture. I for one don’t have anything against safe sex or the distribution of condoms for those who want to practice safe sex. However, I do have an issue with the message being sent. Obviously, in most cases if someone has a STD it is because they have had several partners or, they have had sexual intimacy with someone who is infected. So why don’t we take some of those funds we are using to generate cute condoms for teenagers and turn it into programs designed to educate young people about abstinence until ready to take responsibility of such an intimate act. OK, so maybe abstinence is outdated. Surely chlamydia, syphilis, AIDS are not hip? Or maybe I am behind the times. It seems backward when we complain of STD rates being an issue and instead of trying to stop the problem we put a condom over it.

— Shakia Alleyne


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