Letter: With crime in Anchorage getting worse, being armed makes sense

AnchorageSeptember 17, 2013 

It seems like every week we hear about another terrible crime in our fair city. I don’t remember it being like this in the past, is Anchorage getting worse? I think it is. Many other residents that I have spoken to agree. I don’t know the statistics, Anchorage just feels different from just a few years ago. I would not let my loved ones walk alone in this city anymore.

We have people shooting at our fine police officers and trying to murder a man closing up his pizza shop, just to name a couple instances. People of Anchorage, don’t let your self become a victim, educate yourself, exercise your Second Amendment rights and become a responsibly armed citizen. When a criminal comes calling on you, you can exercise your God-given right to defend yourself. Most criminals  looking to make you a victim are cowards; when they know you can defend yourself, they will target someone who can’t. Don’t let that someone be you.

— Randy Bjorgan Jr.



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