Letter: Letter writer was off base regarding guns

September 19, 2013 

Randy Bjorgan, Jr.’s letter titled “With crime in Anchorage getting worse, being armed makes sense,” is totally off base. If everyone were armed and wielding guns, how would the police identify the bad guys with guns from the good guys with guns? How many innocent bystanders would be killed during a shootout between the bad guys with guns and the good guys guns? More guns only make the gun manufacturers and the NRA leadership more rich. More guns do not protect the good people on our streets.

It seems that the right is not sure whether to grab their Bibles or their guns. Lately, it seems that guns trump Bibles. Increased gun control does not endanger our Second Amendment. Background checks only help to keep guns out of the hands of those who are less stable. If you are a good citizen and live by the Bible, you can still buy and own guns.

— Steven Lyons



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