Letter: It’s time to consider a sales tax

September 19, 2013 

Most in Anchorage don’t write checks for $4000+ each summer to pay their property tax. It is hidden in their monthly mortgage payment or rent. A sales tax that replaced half of the property tax would decrease monthly mortgage payments by hundreds of dollars. Even rents could be significantly reduced as landlords’ overhead decreases.

I would suggest that property taxes be used to support schools and a sales tax pay for all other city services. Tourists and commuters that shop here would pay a share of  road maintenance and other services they use. People that come to Anchorage from the Valley or Peninsula to shop at Costco  or attend events would pay a tax just like we do when we visit these areas.

Give a sales tax a serious look. Just be sure it doesn’t increase our overall tax burden.

— Tim Pritchett



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