Treadwell trashes US Senate primary opponent Sullivan in Politico interview

AnchorageSeptember 20, 2013 

From Politico: Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell says soon-to-be-former natural resources commissioner Dan Sullivan's entry into the GOP primary for U.S. Senate may ultimately benefit libertarian Joe Miller and Democratic incumbent Mark Begich. In an interview with Politico during a fundraising stop, Treadwell also claimed his lengthy residency in Alaska -- 40-plus years --  trumps the mere 16 years Sullivan has lived in the state.

“[Sullivan's candidacy] would put us in a situation where we both have to put lots more resources into a primary situation than we would before,” said Treadwell, who presented himself as the most electable conservative. “Politically, this helps Joe Miller. And most importantly, it helps people who want to help Mark Begich by fomenting division in the Republican Party. They can certainly do that.” ...

“I’ll put my 40 years of working in Alaska … against anyone,” Treadwell said. “I’ve got a jar of mayonnaise in my refrigerator that’s been there longer than Dan Sullivan’s been in Alaska.

Sullivan's response: "I learned something new today — not to eat any of Mead Treadwell’s sandwiches.”

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