Schirack crushes Equinox ultramarathon record

sports@adn.comSeptember 24, 2013 

A.J. Schirack of Fairbanks shattered the ultramarathon record in Saturday's Equinox Marathon in Fairbanks, slicing 24 minutes off the previous best time in the 40-mile race.

Schirack clocked a time of 5 hours, 12 minutes, 9.8 seconds to wipe out the record of 5:36:02.7 set last year by Ivaylo Benov.

Schirack finished 35 minutes ahead of runnerup David Johnston of Willow (5:47:04.8).

The women's victory went to Shawn McTaggart in 6:05:21.9.

In the relay race, the team of Devin McDowell, Allan Spangler and Bryant Wright combined for a winning time of 2:51:48.9 on the 26.2-mile marathon course.

The top all-women's team -- Nellie Ballou, Krista Heeringa and Laura Brosius -- was third overall in 3:25:53.7.

Marathon wins went to David McKay of Iowa City, Iowa (2:49:21.7) and Christy Marvin of Palmer (3:21:34.1).

Equinox Marathon

40-mile ultramarathon

Women -- 1) Shawn McTaggart, 6:05:21.9; 2) Anna Worden, 6:39:49.0; 3) Laura Mcdonough, 6:45:51.7; 4) Tina Devine, 7:29:32.9; 5) Sarah Gordee, 7:45:34.6; 6) Carole Holley, 8:10:29.6.

Men (top 10) -- 1. A.J. Schirack, 5:12:09.8; 2) David Johnston, 5:47:04.8; 3) Ron Koczaja, 6:03:19.9; 4) Rob Adair, 6:09:38.1; 5) Gary Holton, 6:20:23.6; 6) Mark Kowal, 6:38:09.7; 7) John Shook, 6:50:29.1; 8) Jeff Woody, 6:53:07.5; 9) Christopher Redfox Ii, 6:54:35.3; 10) Tony Covarrubias, 6:56:10.3.


1. Squirrels 2:51:48.9 (Devin McDowell 50:18.8, Allan Spangler 1:04:28.2, Bryant Wright 57:01.8); 2) Reverse Apache Masters 3:13:55 (Thomas Coolidge, Jim Button, Brian Haviland) 3:13:55.0; 3) Baby Cakes 3:25:53.7 (Nellie Ballou, Krista Heeringa, Laura Brosius); 4) Tutu Far 3:26:48.8 (Taryn Lopez, Heather Best, Molly Yazwinski); 5) PHDs 3:30:29.3 (Dan Powers, Charles Parr, Nick Konefal).

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