Earth, Fire and Fibre winners announced

Posted by MIKE DUNHAM on September 24, 2013 

A wordy quilt by Amy Meissner has won the $1,500 juror's choice award in the Anchorage Museum's 29th Earth, Fire and Fibre art show. Juror Andrew Glasgow announced his top picks for the exhibit of craft-based art by Alaskans at the museum on Tuesday night.

Merit awards of $500 each went to Sandra Mander for a porcelain vase, Diane Melms for a small quilt that Glasgow characterized as jewel-like, Lael Gordon for a wood cabinet and a basket with a geometric top pattern by Kathryn Rousso. 

Meissner's quilt, titled "Spontaneous Combustion," features the phrase "Mama, what in this house can catch on fire?" in block capital letters repeated nine times, arranged in 21 rows. Most of the letters are black on a white background, but each word in the sentence is also given once with white letters on varied backgrounds; the slides at Glasgow's talk made them appear red. The white words appear in the same order as they appear in the sentence and one word is so highlighted in each repetition of the sentence.

"Any fabric object that has narration in it is always interesting," Glasgow said. 

He also admired how most of the neat stitching in the piece was done by hand. 

Glasgow selected 42 pieces for the juried exhibit, which opens at the museum in October and tours the state after its Anchorage showing.

A full list of pieces accepted for the show is available at



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