City of Adak Announces Sale of Adak Seafood Plant Equipment Assets

Posted on September 25, 2013 

City of Adak Announces Sale of Adak Seafood Plant Equipment Assets

Adak, Alaska – The City of Adak Alaska announces that it has entered into an agreement to sell the processing equipment, purchased at the June 18, 2013 auction of the assets formerly owned by Adak Seafood, LLC, to Adak Cod Cooperative, LLC (“ACC”).

The City has agreed to sell to ACC all of the assets purchased at the auction, less one piece of road maintenance heavy equipment, for $2.03 million.  The aforementioned sale includes various processing lines, cranes and freezing equipment necessary for the successful operation of the processing facility.

The City purchased the assets at the auction with the sole intent of keeping the assets in place as a turnkey operation in order to facilitate the expedited reopening of the plant for the January 2014 pacific cod “A” season.

The successful operation of the processing facility significantly contributes to the City, the local and state economy through a variety of methods including but not limited to a local raw fish tax, fishery business and landing taxes paid to the State of Alaska, utilization of local services such as fuel and electricity, as well as contributing to the availability and utilization of regular transportation of goods and persons to the island. 

The City of Adak, Alaska is the municipal government for Adak Island. Incorporated in 2001 as a second-class municipality, the City provides public services and seeks to improve the economy of Adak through participation in the area’s fisheries as well as encourage the development and utilization of the existing infrastructure from the former Naval Air Station. 


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