Pentecostes and Radford join Blue Iris Photography

Posted on September 25, 2013 

Bryan Pentecostes was a co-founder of a small Los Angeles-based film company called Kreative Havok, which specializes in digital media.  He is a director / director of phography / editor with experience that includes small documentaries, short films, music videos, weddings, commercials, concerts and feature length films. His equipment experience ranges from steadicams, jibs/cranes, dollies, dolly sliders, and handheld. Bryan specializes in high end to practical lighting to compose stories through images. Working closely with clientele to achieve a look and feel that communicates the message they’re trying to convey.

Videographer Ralph Radford has fifteen years of experience in photography and videography. He worked as a military photographer for the U.S. Navy. He also worked as a park ranger in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. He worked as a volunteer firefighter and was also assigned as the unit photographer and video camera person. He produced training videos and covered the daily life at the fire station. He now volunteer with the American Red Cross.


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