Letter: Proposition B-1 would be of help

September 25, 2013 

I grow up in a family negatively affected by alcohol and have witnessed the joy of recovery from alcohol. In 1981, my family’s work in the recovery field developed Nugen’s Ranch which is based on a vision of supporting sober living for Alaska residents. Recovery is not just about not drinking; It is about living in an environment that supports and embraces sobriety.

Alcohol taxes are an environmental approach to reducing alcohol abuse. By bringing Proposition B-1 to the voters, the Mat-Su Borough assembly is giving the voters a chance to help all borough residents live in a community that supports individuals’ sobriety. 

Perhaps more importantly, this alcohol tax would also help create an environment where our youth are less likely to begin unhealthy drinking practices. A youth who begins drinking before the age of 15 is five times more likely to develop alcohol dependence as an adult than someone who waits until 21 to drink. If a 5 percent sales tax on alcohol keeps one youth from beginning to drink before 21 isn’t is worth it?

I urge everyone to vote yes on Proposition B-1 on Oct. 1.

— Karen Nugen-Logan

executive director

Nugen’s Ranch



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