Camp Fire Anchorage Receives More than $28,000 from Fred Meyer Customers and Employees

Posted on September 26, 2013 

Camp Fire Anchorage Receives More than $28,000 from Fred Meyer Customers and Employees

Portland, Ore. – Camp Fire Anchorage received $28,547.84 from Fred Meyer customers and employees, who donated more than $467,000 toward youth development in the first quarter by dropping their change in the coin boxes located at Fred Meyer checkstands.

From Feb. 3 to May 25, Fred Meyer customers in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington put their spare change in coin boxes and Fred Meyer employees chose to combine their quarterly donations to Fred Meyer’s corporate foundation- The Fred Meyer Fund -  with the coin box donations.

 “It may not seem like much, but those small donations really add up,” said Melinda Merrill, public affairs director for Fred Meyer Stores. “We’re grateful to our customers for donating their change and to our employees for donating their hard-earned money to the Fred Meyer Fund.”

 Fred Meyer has had coin boxes at its check stands for more than 15 years. The money collected from the coin boxes is distributed through the company’s corporate foundation, the Fred Meyer Fund. In 2012, the coin boxes raised more than $600,000 for non-profit organizations. The money dropped in the coin boxes stays in the community where it is donated. Each quarter, the coin boxes are designated to a different giving area:

·         Q1 – Youth development

·         Q2 – Military family support

·         Q3 – Cancer research and awareness

·         Q4 – Hunger reduction



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