Letter: Those involved in moose killing need more credit than they got

October 1, 2013 

After reading Val Van Brocklin’s Compass piece on Saturday, I had mixed feelings. Could the moose shooting at Kincaid have been avoided? Possibly, but I wasn’t there and wasn’t part of the situation as it unfolded, therefore I don’t have all the facts. The point being neither did Val Van Brocklin. To publicly second guess a situation (which she was not a part of) after the fact, and further more to categorize those involved as “idiots” lacking common sense is irresponsible at best. As a former state and federal prosecutor she should surely know better.

There is always another side to the story, so how about giving the people involved a little credit. No one was injured, a potential problem moose was removed just prior to a series of races lasting through next week involving thousands of middle and high schoolers, and some very grateful people are eating moose for dinner.  Doesn’t seem all bad to me.

— Storm Carl

Eagle River



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