Letter: If Obamacare is law, it must be good

October 1, 2013 

I hate Obama. But I guess I have to like Obamacare because, as many people on the left like to point out, “it is the law of the land; the Supreme Court upheld the law.” 

OK. You got me. How can anyone argue with that logic? I now like Obamacare because the United States Supreme Court voted to uphold the law just like the Supreme Court made wonderful decisions about a few other laws. 

In 1857, under James Buchanan (D), the Supreme Court upheld the Dred Scott decision making slavery the law of the land. In 1896, the Supreme Court decided in Plessy vs. Ferguson that segregation was constitutional and the law of the land. In 1919, under Woodrow Wilson (D), the Supreme Court ratified the 18th amendment making prohibition the law of the land. In 1944, under Franklin D Roosevelt (D), the Supreme Court upheld executive order 9066 making the internment of US citizens in concentration camps the law of the land .

Yep you got me. I now support Obamacare.

— Eric Olenick


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