Around the rink: German Elite League-style (Alaska connections)

Posted by DOYLE WOODY, on October 2, 2013 

If for no other reason than The Blog somehow stumbled across something on the old interweb that reminding him of something else, which of course he cannot remember because he's ancient, let's check in with Alaska connections in the German Elite League.

Here's how some of the fellas are doing across the pond.

Daryl Boyle, former Alaska Aces defenseman, Augsburger: 2-4--6 and -1 totals in seven games.

Duvie Westcott, former UAA blueliner and NHLer, who skated like a dream, Hamburg: 1-5--6 and -2 in seven games.

Kevin Clark, former UAA goal scorer and all-around pest (written with affection), Krefeld: 3-3--6 and +2 in seven games. Oh, and 26 penalty minutes, cuz that's who he is. Bet a couple of those trips to the box stemmed from first-rate slashes.

Dan Hacker, forward from Wasilla, Schwenninger: 3-2--5 and even in seven games. This is Hacker's seventh season abroad and fifth in Germany, all with Schwenninger Wild Wings.

Ryan Ramsay, former Aces forward, Hacker's teammate and likewise in his seventh season abroad, Schwenninger: 2-3--5 and +2 in seven games.

Julian Talbot, former Aces center, Eisbaren: 2-2--4 and -4 in seven games.

Jordan Hendry, former UAF defenseman (and Stanley Cup winner with Blackhawks), Straubing: 3-1--4 and -1 in three games. 

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