Letter: Debating a law doesn’t belong with budgeting for government

October 4, 2013 

“Obama won’t bend” and “Dems reject” headlines suggest a budget is the time to debate a law. An immature minority of the GOP has opted to reject legislative procedure, refusing to fund our government in the name of principle over a separate piece of legislation.

Love or hate Obamacare, the president or Congress, our strength relies on a Constitution that legitimizes all three. There is a time and place to debate a law; the appropriation of funding to run our country is neither. Let election cycles run their course; let constitutionally informed leaders propose alternatives, when and how appropriate, to amend or repeal a law. 

That a small minority of “principled” lawmakers misappropriates the process, thereby halting progress, is unconscionable and ironic considering this same group so frequently invokes the inviolate nature of the Constitution. This is not how America works. If you don’t like the rules, move to change them instead of simply refusing to operate by them. Insubordination of legislative process is not governance; it is recklessly irresponsible and detrimental.

— Ted Stille

Eagle River

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