Tennis: Williams, Lekander cruise in CIC quarterfinals

October 4, 2013 

Top seeds prevail in CIC quarterfinals

The top seeds all picked up quarterfinal victories Friday in the Cook Inlet Conference tennis championships at The Alaska Club North.

For top-seeded singles players Whitney Williams of South and Reed Lekander of West, getting into the semifinals was a breeze. Both posted 6-0, 6-0 victories.

The No. 1 girls double team of Katie Brown and Alli Haynes of West also posted a shutout, but the top-seeded boys doubles team of Daniel Frentzel and Justin Wolfe of South were tested in a 6-3, 6-4 defeat of Dimond's Alex Ahn and Chad Balmes.

The top-seeded mixed doubles team of Palden Flynn and Bryce Foster of South plays its first match in Saturday's semifinals.

West owns a narrow lead in the team standings with 13 points. South and Dimond follow with 10 apiece.

Finals will be played Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. (boy doubles, girls doubles) and 3:30 p.m. (mixed doubles, boys singles, girls singles).

Cook Inlet Conference tennis championships

Alaska Club North

Team scores -- West 13, South 10, Dimond 10, East 7, Service 6, Chugiak 4, Bartlett 1

Boys singles -- Cole Fox (D) d. Ian Kroloff (Se) 6-2; 6-0. Diego Velez-Gonzalez (C) d. Robbie Brewer (E) 6-0; 6-0. Eli Neslund (E) d. Anthony Plagge (Se) 6-3; 6-2. Reed Lekander (W) d. Alex Wong (So) 6-0; 6-0.

Girls singles -- Ava Lekander (W) d. Cheryl Anspach (B) 6-0; 6-0. Adrienne Fox (D) d. Cristina Whitworth (So) 6-0; 6-1. Ellen Rumley (E) d. Megan Ahn (D) 7-5; 6-0. Whitney Williams (So) d. Sarada Prasad (Se) 6-0; 6-0.

Boys doubles -- Anderson/Hodges (W) d. Bonney/Lekites (C) 6-1; 6-2. Alexander/Stone (D) d. Hayhurst/Rutherford (So) 6-4; 6-7; 6-3.Ortland/Scott (W) d. (3) Moon/Morgan (Se) 6-3; 3-6; 6-4. Frentzel/Wolfe (So) d. Ahn)/Balmes (D) 6-3; 6-4.

Girls doubles -- Baker/Flynn (So) d. Alversado/Rice (E) 6-0; 6-0. (3) Falconer/Kennedy (W) d. Lillis/Salanguit (Se) 6-1; 6-1. Angmo/Carey (D) d. Horton/Williams (E) 7-5; 7-5. Brown/Haynes (W) d. Almario/Matthew (So) 6-0; 6-0.

Mixed doubles -- Clark/Silverman (W) d. Grant/Wight-Crask (E) 6-4; 6-4. Boyer/Haines (C) d. McCormackSolis (D) 6-0; 6-3. Bruce/Stone (Se) d. Baird/Lay (B) 6-0; 6-0.

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