Letter: U.S. debt clock is ticking

AnchorageOctober 6, 2013 

U.S. Debt Clock lists nation’s debt at over $16.9 trillion with each taxpayer owing over $148,000 and lists U.S. unfunded liabilities at over $125.9 trillion with each taxpayer owing over $1.1 trillion. News stories report many states and cities near bankruptcy and getting assistance from federal government in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Instead of addressing the nation’s huge debt situation our government leaders in Washington are fighting over the so-called affordable health care bill and not addressing the huge debt problem.

A solution being addressed is just to continue spending money at the same rate as in the past and not address the debt problem that will leave our children and grandchildren with a debt they cannot ever pay. To keep spending money the federal reserve fires up the printing press and prints more money that has no value. I believe we are heading for a major crash.

— Robert Rude

Eagle River

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