Dunn defends pro bodybuilding title

Anchorage Daily NewsOctober 7, 2013 

Steve Dunn defended his title Saturday in the men’s pro division of the 26th annual Anchorage Natural Pro-Am bodybuilding competition at the Williamson Auditorium.

Jake Parkes took home two titles, winning the men’s physique and the lightweight men’s competitions.

26th annual Anchorage Natural Pro-Am

Lightweight Men — 1) Jake Parkes, 2) Allen Wilson Jr., 3) Noel Senoran. Men’s Physique — 1) Jake Parkes, 2) Jaymor Paul, 3) Brandon Robicheau, 4) Christopher Monroe, 5) Suway Hiran. Novice Men — 1) Jaymor Paul, 2) Christopher Monroe, 3) Cameron Allen, 4) Shareef Abdullah, 5) Ray Cufley. Pro Men — 1) Steve Dunn, 2) Walter L. Barr, 3) Robert Green. Women’s Bikini — 1) Dee Hudson, 2) Shannon Johnson, 3) Kari Bailey. Women’s Figure (5-foot-4 and under) — 1) Myra Arbelovsky.  Women’s Figure (over 5-4) — 1) Rhiannon Hill, 2) Sarah Daulton Oates. Women’s Fitness — 1) Tammy Dunn.



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