Filming against the clock

Posted by Victoria Barber on October 9, 2013 

A scene from Pick'D, directed by Alex Troutman, one of the films in this year's 48 Hour Film Fest


48 Hour Film Challenge will feature 20 teams

For the fourth year the 48 Hour Film Challenge has sent enterprising local movie makers scrambling across the city to create a complete film -- start to finish -- in just two days.

Founder and organizer John Norris said that what started as an event to get his friends together and “encourage Alaskan artists to go out make new stuff” has turned into the largest film making competition in the state, with 25 teams entered this year (20 of those made the deadline).

The resulting films will be screened for the first time ever at the Bear Tooth Theatre 10:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 10. Teams range from first-timers to film and video professionals. Every film had to incorporate three things: a watch, a flashback sequence, and the phrase “I was born ready.”

If past shows are any indication, this night at the movies will feature films that are wildly erratic in theme and execution, often hilarious, and an always-astounding display of local ingenuity and creative daring. And you can eat pizza and drink beer during the show. And it only costs five bucks. 

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