Kind cookie lady, please identify yourself

Posted by DOYLE WOODY, on October 9, 2013 

In the midst of a computer/wireless meltdown by The Blog's gear Tuesday night at Sullivan Arena -- IT issues, awesome!; also, worst midlife crisis ever -- he saw out of the corner of his eye a woman come up to the press area and deliver cookies before the Alaska Aces' exhibition game with the Cincinnati Cyclones.

Didn't think much about it while pondering the irony of the Woody in Woody on Hockey being unable to access the blog called Woody on Hockey. Later that night, after the broadcasters had cleared out and The Blog was trying to string together some sentences for the dead-trees edition of the newspaper, he glanced down and saw a bag of cookies sitting near his chair. Evidently, the cookies were left for him.

And, my goodness, were they ever tasty, and a nice vehicle for stress relief from faltering technology.

Anyhow, whoever that was who left the cookies, many thanks for your kindness. And do drop by the press area, at your leisure, and identify yourself. Your generosity is much appreciated. 

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