Letter: Mayor, please honor the process

October 9, 2013 

Throughout AO37’s entire process, the mayor and his allies have disrespected the people of Anchorage, the legislative process and the court system. As a 43-year resident of Anchorage, I have seen many changes in the city’s laws and legislative procedures. However, the process was generally respected and followed. When it was not, the citizens of Anchorage would bring the offending parties back in line, just as they are trying to do now. The system works.

The difference this time is that the mayor and his allies on the Assembly refuse to come back in line. They are trying every subterfuge to avoid the will of the citizens of Anchorage. I implore the mayor and his allies to get back on track and respect the citizens of Anchorage, the legislative process and the court’s opinion.

— Don Weber


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