Letter: A good Samaritan’s dilemma

October 9, 2013 

My daughter and her friend were walking back from the store and my daughter’s friend who, after finishing her purchase, threw her garbage away in a bin placed by the road for earlier pickup. I understand people pay for their garbage pickup and said bins are not for public use, but I highly doubt the wrapper of a candy bar would heighten anyone’s current payment of said services. Yet the homeowner felt compelled to confront these two 12-year-old girls about using her bin, calling it rude and threatening to call police for doing so. Seriously?!?

A 12-year-old was consciously aware enough to not litter, and the response is to threaten them with police? Garbage was collected in our neighborhood at 10 a.m. Said homeowners bin was still on the roadside at 

4 p.m., enabling this incident to even occur  So, said homeowner did not collect her bin from the street for six hours but could come out to harass children when her bin was “violated.”

— Thomas K. Thomas Jr


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