Letter: Take a stand against trash

October 12, 2013 

God bless the 12-year-old girl who threw her trash in a trash bin that had been left out for pickup (Letters, Oct. 10). If I thought people would use it and I was allowed to, I would leave mine out all the time. I hate trash! 

I am the garbage gathering great-granma for a few blocks on Muldoon. Every time I walk my dogs, I take my gloves and trash bag, and usually manage to fill it. I can’t walk by a piece of trash in a parking lot and not pick it up. My daughters have a fit because they are afraid I will pick up some disease. So be it.

We used to have such a beautiful state and city, and now it is one big garbage dump. I am ashamed to have visitors see it! If everyone picked up one piece of trash a day, or didn’t drop any, we would have our clean state back. Please Alaskans, let’s clean up!

— Marilyn Basiliere


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