Letter: Smartphones can be hands-free

Anchorage Daily NewsOctober 13, 2013 

I’ve been reading several articles by Julia O’Malley, and letters to the editor, all talking about the reasons for and against cellphone usage behind the wheel. There is lots of great information, but one piece has been clearly lacking: the fact that the majority of cellphones are smartphones and thus have music capabilities, often with Bluetooth hands-free technology. What is the reason behind the lack of this inclusion in these articles and letters.

I use an iPhone in my car equipped with Bluetooth to play music and to place hands-free calls, but where is the line drawn? Would it be legal for me to use a built-in touch screen system in my car to play CDs, scrolling through the songs, but an offense with fines to use the iPod feature on my smartphone to play music, without the hassle of changing discs?

As more new cars come equipped with Bluetooth and hands-free features, and more people buy smartphones with music capabilities, this dilemma will continue to grow.

— James Werkema


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