Letter: In debate over health care, some vital topics are missing

October 14, 2013 

OK, maybe requiring a minimum medical coverage could be a good idea (calling that Obamacare might be a bit confusing), but if the insurance companies and medical lobbies are jumping for joy because there are no accompanying premium restrictions, it’s not. If the tax collectors are licking their lips in anticipation of reaping great revenues in penalties, it’s not.

In all the kerfuffle (it’s a real synonym for hoopla, uproar, pandemonium, mayhem and hullabaloo), where are the mentions of getting inflated hospital and medication costs under control? Of installing single-payer systems to cut administration costs?  Of halting the price gouging of prescription drug companies? Of establishing banking savings accounts for medical use? Of employer participation? Of reining in the power of lobbyist groups? Perhaps we need Jesus to kick the lobbyists out of the temples of government.

— Ken Green

Cooper Landing


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