Letter: Republican Party should be ashamed of what it’s done

October 17, 2013 

As a lifelong Republican, I could have written the first paragraph of Marnie Isaacs’ letter (Oct. 13). I’d also like to add to it:

Obama did not, nor did his health care program, put our country in the financial position it’s now in. Bush began his presidency with a budget surplus and no wars. And look where we were in 2008. With all the “help” Obama has gotten from Congress, is it really any surprise things have just gotten worse? Why aren’t people screaming mad about this? And why isn’t this front and center when we talk about everything “wrong” Obama is doing? It did not begin with him. Where were the Republicans during the Bush administration?

I believe the Republican Party now holding our country hostage would sooner cut off their right arm than actually work on behalf of the people they were elected to serve. With the country’s debt rising into the multimillions daily during this furlough, I conclude they don’t care, and isn’t it ironic that the country’s debt has always been a sticking point for them with Obama. But, unlike Marnie, Republicans like her and me should start speaking up and sticking it to those in office.

This entire situation is irresponsible and ugly. I can’t see voting for any Republican now in office.

— Laurie K. Dunnagan



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