Letter: Government shutdown came from a refusal to negotiate

October 19, 2013 

I refer to the letter of Oct. 18, “Republican Party should be ashamed of what it’s done.

If a lie is big enough, repeated often enough and repeated by about 80 percent of the mainstream media — does it become the truth?

Before and during the government shutdown, the conservative wing of the Republican Party was characterized as terrorists, hostage takers, extortionists, and other vile labels all of which represent major crimes. Why are these people not in prison?

The conservatives were acting precisely according to what the Constitution intended, well within the framework of the law, and were doing exactly what the writer of the letter implied they were not — representing the principles of their constituents.

Several bills from the House were entirely reasonable. The president’s position to all of these proposals? “I won’t negotiate under the threat of the government being shut down.” The president’s position is so inconsistent with historical precedent that it appears ludicrous.

Reason screams loud and clear that the government was shut down by those who refused to negotiate — the Senate leadership and the president.

— Ron Michelson


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