Letter: Governor’s legal action shameful

October 19, 2013 

I was disappointed to learn of Gov.  Parnell’s and Pebble’s legal action against Bella Hammond and Vic Fischer. Gov. Parnell/staff, I am writing to say shame on you!. Bella Hammond and Vic Fischer, pursued a worthwhile lawsuit to keep Alaska pristine. This lawsuit was necessary. Yes, we should have recourse to question our political employees. These are tough economic times, our government needs to be transparent as possible. The state needs an open door policy so residents can see the hows and whys. Putting either of these elderly statesmen out of their homes is unjust and criminal. They have lived, work, paid taxes, raised children and hopefully will continue to live long lives here.

Alaska needs more individuals like these two. The state has funds set aside for these types of issues. If the judgment didn’t include the repayment of these funds why is more money being spent? 

Mr. Parnell should talk to legal counsel about how to better manage cases like this.

— Cathleen Therrien

Eagle River

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