Letter: Shame on Alaska’s governor

October 24, 2013 

It seems the Parnell administration has reached a new threshold for disrespecting Alaskans. Ever the corporate lobbyist, Parnell partnered with Pebble  to sue former first lady of Alaska Bella Hammond, 80 years old, and an Alaska legend, Vic Fischer, who is 89 years old. The suit is asking for over a million dollars in legal fees over a failed public interest lawsuit. Also, several Bristol Bay Native groups are being sued as well. This is governing?

How many frivolous lawsuits against the federal government has Parnell lost and how much of our money has he frittered away doing it? He is governor of all Alaska — not CEO of a law firm devoted to corporate welfare. 

Shame on Gov. Parnell for disrespecting two of Alaska’s most revered elders. Shame on Gov. Parnell for dishonoring Alaska’s First People and their ancestors. Shame on Gov. Parnell for resorting to “Gestapo tactics” with the intent of intimidating the very people he is suppose to represent. 

— John Johnson



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