Alice Cooper will perform '10-12' songs in son Dash's Anchorage show

Posted by Victoria Barber on October 31, 2013 

Promotional materials for an Dec. 11 Dash Cooper and Co-Op concert in Anchorage, where Alice Cooper will also perform


A recent bit of promotional spin has left some Anchorage metal fans feeling cheated. News broke last week that “Alice Cooper & Dash Cooper w/Co-op” would play Anchorage this December. Alice Cooper -- electric chairs, boa constrictors, bloody dolls, guillotines, right?

Not quite. Ignore the fact that Alice Cooper’s face is on the show posters and his name is listed first in the publicity materials; this is not an Alice Cooper concert. The Sullivan Arena show will be Dash Cooper (Alice's son) and Dash's band Co-Op. But Alice Cooper has said he'll perform about a dozen songs with them. The concert is a benefit for Alice's non-profit, the Solid Rock Foundation, a faith-based organization that gives arts training to teenagers in Phoenix, Az.

A few irate ticket holders, feeling duped after shelling out almost $70, complained on Alice Cooper's website that he should have been listed as a guest performer for Dash Cooper's concert, and not billed like he was the main act. Whoever administers the site posted this response on Oct. 28:

"Alice is saying that he will be doing 10 to 12 songs with Dash’s band. We want to be absolutely sure that everyone understands before purchasing that this is NOT an Alice Cooper concert with theatrics and his touring band and his show. The last thing Alice wants is for anyone to be disappointed! If you are upset by this information, I would suggest you or anyone else request refunds from the promoter or the point of purchase."

Dash Cooper and Co-Op

So who are these guys who aren’t Alice Cooper?

The hard rock band Co-Op used to be called Runaway Phoenix, but they changed their name in 2012. It seems their biggest set to date was a 2008 concert for an audience of 50,000 people at the college Dash attended, Arizona State University (it was apparently a graduation ceremony, and President Barack Obama gave the commencement speech).

There's not much out there about the band, but there is a July 2013 YouTube video interview.  A Co-Op member describes their influences as Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Foo Fighters and “straight up rock.” They are all friends who hang out and go to church together.

Dash is a marketing professional, as of 2012, with event management company, Precise Corporate Staging. On their website, he states: “Even if you’ve been on both sides, even if you’ve done hundreds of shows, don’t ever underestimate the importance of have a great communication strategy in place."

Was the somewhat-misleading concert promotion in Anchorage a great communication strategy or a big mistake? Only tickets sales will tell.





















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