Letter: Thank Begich for Pebble meeting

Anchorage Daily NewsNovember 3, 2013 

I want to thank Sen. Mark Begich for hosting an Anchorage town hall and discussing his views on the troubled Pebble mine.

As a commercial fisherman in Bristol Bay, I know firsthand the jobs, economy and way of life that’s at stake. Our fishery is a robust renewable resource that’s been healthy and productive for thousands of years. It’s our responsibility to protect it now, and the science tells us that Pebble mine is a huge threat to this fishery and the jobs built around it.

Like many, I’m happy to see that Pebble’s wealthy partner, Anglo-American, read the handwriting on the wall and pulled out of this misguided effort. But the remaining partner — with zero experience permitting a mine — pledges to carry on. So it’s clear we need federal action to remove this threat for good, and Sen. Begich should be part of that effort.

— John Christensen

Bristol Bay fisherman

Port Heiden

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