Letter: Conservatives can’t have it both ways

November 5, 2013 

Robyn Blumner, whose editorial column was printed in the Daily News on Nov, 4, mentioned an issue of interest. How is it possible that conservative lawmakers so quickly condemn government’s interference in health care with the Affordable Care Act, yet just as quickly, welcome and fervently invite the same government’s interference in the issue of a woman’s right to choose her own medical care when it involves pregnancy?

I have espoused for the longest time that the righteous anti-abortion folks will inevitably shoot themselves in the foot when the same set of principles to which they hold so mightily have to be foregone in order to support another principle. Said another way, it’s not OK on one issue but OK on another one. 

I guess that time has come it is as stupefying as I thought it would be.

— Sherry Lewis


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