Letter: O’Malley right to draw attention to Native children’s plea

November 8, 2013 

Thank you, Julia O’Malley, for drawing our attention once again to the health status of Alaska Native children (“From village children, a plea to stop suicide,” Nov. 3). Our children tragically continue to suffer. Senators, we do not need “to create a commission to study the lives of Native children.” This would be a waste of money as numerous studies have already been done.

Our Native children need what all children need: love, care, compassion, understanding, basic needs, health care and encouragement within a cultural framework. The opportunity to grow, evolve, thrive and achieve creative full potential. Our children need healthy nurturing adults to serve as role models and to wrap their arms around them when they are hurting. Our children need the presence of others to listen unconditionally. 

AFN and senators, where is the energy to help our communities heal from within? Are we ever going to move beyond listening to the wisdom of our children and take action?

— Marianne Rolland


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