Letter: Established businesses must adapt

Anchorage Daily NewsNovember 10, 2013 

I do not agree that mobile food vendors are stealing customers. If barricades blocked doors and barkers hailed customers, then I would say that customers were being stolen. Otherwise, that green truck is merely offering consumers a venue choice.

If the brick and mortar store has a problem with fees and taxes, perhaps a change of venue is in order. But rather than advocating regulation for the trucks to stifle competition, the brick and mortar should petition the city to decrease fees and charges to the brick and mortar.

Both businesses serve a different clientele. The brick and mortar offers food and indoor eating. The truck offers food and a take-out bag. If the truck is more popular, the brick and mortar needs to change its business model. It appears the brick and mortar is either in trouble, or it feels all business in the area belongs to them regardless of customer preference. Either way, the brick and mortar needs to move up as opposed to trying to drag its competition down.

— Chris Schelb


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