Letter: Assembly, Congress: Put people before partisan politics

November 11, 2013 

I have coached hundreds of kids in tennis for 10 years at West High and elsewhere. And I have always been mostly what we called in Georgia a “yellow dog Democrat.” I am disgusted by the rejection by some of anything that our president proposes, whatever the merits. And while I like our mayor as a person, I have never voted for him.

But recently my attention has been focused on local Anchorage “progressive” politicians who are willing to dishonestly reject the pleas of our kids and citizens for affordable indoor public tennis courts just because of the support and actions of the mayor. You would think these politicians would support those who cannot afford private club membership, especially since the Legislature has already appropriated money for the facility and it can be run through reasonable user fees. 

These politicians’ actions so far disgust me. I and many others will remember in the next election with our donations and votes. I hope this issue can be decided by what is best for Anchorage rather than politics.

— Bill Cotton




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