Letters: Tennis facility is in Turnagain

AnchorageNovember 17, 2013 

As president of Turnagain Community Council, I need to provide a correction to Kathy McArthur’s letter (Friday) stating the proposed tennis-recreation center garnering so much attention is “over a mile away” from Turnagain. The proposed facility, next to the Dempsey Anderson Ice Arena, is within the TCC boundaries. In this area, our southern boundary is W. Northern Lights Boulevard, and our eastern boundary is Minnesota Drive (View all council boundaries at: www.communitycouncils.org/servlet/content/council_maps.html.) 

Since becoming aware of the proposed project last February, TCC has been heavily engaged in the process — with some members actively advocating for the facility, while others working to address questions and concerns about funding, cost, need, and location issues. A committee was formed to develop numerous recommendations that would help reduce and mitigate concerns associated with the proposed project, if built next to Dempsey. At this point, TCC’s conditional support is contingent upon our concerns being appropriately addressed, to ensure that if the tennis-rec center is built within our boundaries, it becomes a positive addition to the Turnagain neighborhood. 

— Cathy L. Gleason

Turnagain Community Council


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