Letter: Governor’s right about Medicaid

November 19, 2013 

From the tenor of the commentary, letters, and organizations supporting the federally requested Medicaid change, it appears to me that the governor may be the last adult left standing. 

Would you co-sign a note with a lying, spend-a-holic drunk who was technically bankrupt? Even if he promised payment money for the first seven years? All you must do is provide initially promised benefits indefinitely to some worthy recipients. Are you drunk yourself?

Of course the federal government cannot go bankrupt since they print the dollars. However, putting ink on good paper does not give it value. Hard-working people must provide value. Good luck providing medical services when the money loses most of its value. 

It is always fun to spend someone else’s money. But some adult has to earn that money first. Parnell has worked hard to ensure our future revenue stream while the “kids” only want to play and spend.

— Donald N. Anderson


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