Letter: West Virginia a bad role model

November 25, 2013 

Paul Jenkins, in his Nov. 16 column wrote, “If voters repeal oil tax reform — and it could not be more clear — we will be living in a place like Appalachia…”

Funny Paul should mention Appalachia. I’ve often feared that Alaska is going the way of West Virginia.

In W.V., it’s the coal companies that call the shots in the state capital. They buy politicians with campaign contributions. The politicians put corporate interests ahead of the citizens. Sound familiar? 

They keep taxes low on the coal companies, so that profits flow to corporations headquartered outside the state. They fight environmental regulations (strip mining). As a result W.V. is one of the poorest states in the Union. The coal companies get the profits, the citizens get the shaft. 

This is Paul’s vision for Alaska, a one-party state, with a government of the oil industry, by the oil industry, and for the oil industry.

— Tom Bucceri





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